Casey Boe's Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service

Please make sure you have a $12 Lake Texoma license on your person.  Fishing license can be purchased at our local Wall Mart on the way to the lake or at other local stores and gas stations near the lake's shoreline.


We recommend you review the current weather conditions and/or call us for recommendations.  Proper rain gear, or cold weather gear can be the difference between fun and a day of misery.  Remember during warmer weather it's always safe to have sun screen and a good hat to cover your head.


You are welcome to bring drinks and snacks aboard.


Lastly, please notify us in advance if "special needs," are required for your charter.  We will be happy to comply and assist.


Contact Casey Boe Striper Guide Service on Lake Texoma to book your next Striper fishing trip.  Contact via e-mail at or call (903) 821-8473.